Dr. Shakuntla Misra National Rehabilitation University

Higher Education

Rs. 600 Crores
Build date
145 Acres
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University established by Viklang Kalyaan Vibhaag, Uttar Pradesh Sarkaar came on November 28, 2011.
The first University of its kind, which also provides accessible and quality higher education to challenged students, in a completely barrier-free environment. The mandate is primarily to serve the differently-abled segment (challenged students) of the society for which a horizontal reservation of 50% seats in all courses of the University has been provided, in addition to the normal reservation policy.
Inception of Dr. Shakuntala Misra Rehabilitation University at Lucknow is an outcome of UP Govt's determination to offer the not so privileged people of the society with some or the other kind of handicap with them the best possible environment for their education , counseling, training and rehabilitation to make them groomed enough to compete with rest of the people and also inculcate a sense of confidence to show their best. In order to make the environment truly congenial to their needs and aspirations a campus loaded with all the facilities and amenities has been planned which will not only have the best of facilities and infrastructures but also a barrier free and thoroughly well connected buildings within the campus.
ARCH-EN DESIGN completed the project as Master Planning Consultants, Architectural Design and Engineering Consultants. The total area of the completed project is around 20,000,00 sqft. 
Services Provided
Master Planning
Infrastructure Planning
Architectural Design
Interior Design
Structural Design
Structural Engineering
Electrical Design
Mechanical Design
Plumbing Design
Fire Protection Design
Construction Administration