Flower Market - Integrated Freight Complex

Civic and Transportation

Rs. 250 Crores
Build date
5 Acres

Delhi, Delhi

The Flower Market - Integrated Freight Complex (IFC) Ghazipur is a proposed project that aims to revolutionize the flower industry in India. The project, which will be located in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, is expected to create a state-of-the-art market for flowers, as well as an integrated freight complex that will improve logistics and transportation efficiency.

The proposed Flower Market - IFC Ghazipur will cover an area of approximately 6 acres and will be strategically located near the Ghazipur Mandi, which is the largest flower market in India. The project will have various components, including a flower auction center, a logistics center, a cold storage facility, and a warehouse.

The flower auction center will be the heart of the project, where flowers from all over the country will be brought for auction. This will be a significant improvement from the current system, where farmers have to travel long distances to sell their flowers. The auction center will provide farmers with a transparent and efficient way to sell their produce, and buyers will have access to a wider variety of flowers.

The logistics center will be equipped with modern facilities that will help transport flowers quickly and efficiently. It will have a dedicated railway siding and will be connected to the National Highway network. The cold storage facility will ensure that the flowers remain fresh and in good condition for longer periods. The warehouse will provide a secure space for the storage of flowers and other goods.

The Flower Market - IFC Ghazipur is expected to have a significant impact on the flower industry in India. It will help increase the income of farmers and create job opportunities for people in the area. The project will also help reduce wastage and improve the quality of flowers sold in the market. It will provide a reliable and efficient supply chain for flowers, which will benefit florists and other businesses that rely on flowers.

The proposed project will be a significant step towards achieving the Indian government's goal of doubling farmers' income by 2022. It will help promote the use of technology in agriculture and will showcase India's potential to become a global leader in the flower industry.

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