Rajasthan House New Delhi

Civic and Transportation

Rs. 150 Crores
Build date
7075 Sqmts

Prithviraj Road, New Delhi

The project originated from the Government of Rajasthan's desire to upgrade the existing Rajasthan House on Prithvi Raj Road in Delhi to a more modern and functional facility. To achieve this goal, the proposal was approved for the demolition of the existing structure and the construction of a new State Guest House that would serve as an official residence for visiting state dignitaries, particularly during state visits and important events.

The new State Guest House has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate the traditional architecture of Rajasthan, featuring a central courtyard and elements of Rajasthan's facade. The building's focal point is the central Atrium, which creates a sense of openness and connection throughout the guest house. With an aim to achieve a 5-star GRIHA rating for the facility, which emphasizes sustainability and environmental friendliness.

To ensure optimal functionality, the design includes a separate entrance/exit, lift lobby, and staircase for C.M.+ VVIP+VIP guests, Other guests, Staff, and services (in the basement). These facilities are designed to accommodate the needs of each group while maintaining the privacy and security of all guests.

The potential of this project is to provide a luxurious and memorable experience for the guests, while showcasing the beauty and culture of Rajasthan.

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Master Planning
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Architectural Design
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Structural Design
Structural Engineering
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Fire Protection Design
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