Telhara Museum

Civic and Transportation

Rs. 25 Crores
Build date
5 Acres

Telhara, Bihar

The Telhara Museum in the Nalanda District of Bihar is a much-awaited project that promises to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. Located in the village of Telhara, this museum is currently under construction and is expected to open its doors to the public soon.

The museum is being built by the BSBCCL, and it is expected to become a major tourist attraction in the region. The museum will house a vast collection of artifacts, sculptures, and inscriptions that were found in and around the area. The artifacts date back to the Mauryan, Gupta, and Pala periods, and they are a testament to the rich cultural history of the region.

The Telhara Museum project has been in the works for several years, and the ASI has invested a lot of time and resources into its construction. The museum is being built on a sprawling 2.7-acre plot of land, and it will have a built-up area of around 1,200 square meters. The museum will have several galleries, each dedicated to a different period of history. The galleries will feature exhibits that showcase the art, culture, and lifestyle of the people who lived in the region during those times.

One of the main highlights of the Telhara Museum will be a life-size replica of a Buddhist monastery. The replica will be based on the excavations that were carried out at the site and will provide visitors with a glimpse into the daily life of the monks who lived there. The museum will also have a section dedicated to the Nalanda University, which was once one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

The Telhara Museum is expected to boost tourism in the region, and it is also expected to generate employment opportunities for the local population. The museum will be a source of pride for the people of Telhara and the surrounding areas, as it will showcase their rich cultural heritage to the world.

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